Sometimes it’s just easier to show you what we have done

for some of our customers.


Physician Recruiter Needs a Doctor, stat! Relying on copy-heavy postcards and recruiters’ phone calls, their clients wanted more results, faster.

Solution: RHI created a series of highly-personalized campaigns using email, mailers, mobile, and video cards with personal URLs to drive traffic to personal microsites where we could track all activity, separate leads into categories, provide significantly more leads, and repurpose the names for 500% increases in lead generation.

Sprouts Farmers Market

Getting Their Produce to Market – Sprouts needed to keep their products fresh while staying budget friendly.

Solution: While managing the production of the weekly and monthly circulars, RHI was able to negotiate the most aggressive production schedules in grocery, providing a significant competitive advantage. We also continually lowered their production costs and saved them many millions of dollars annually during their expansion and acquisitions.

Assist Wireless

New Wireless Provider Needs a Lifeline – Assist Wireless needed help reaching their customers and look good while doing it.

Solution: RHI took over compliance communication, customer acquisition efforts, and helped define the customer lifecycle. We then created a brand image, helped define retail and field agent marketing strategy, and managed inventory and distribution. RHI helped Assist Wireless become the largest in their markets and remain there.


Medical SaaS+ Company Needs Intelligent Clarification – IntelliCentrics changed their primary product from a Free internal system to a pay SAAS model and needed as much internal clarification as well as external description of their products.

Solution: RHI interviewed all relevant employees and customers to create a new image and easy description of their product. Developed media campaigns, trade show strategy, sales training, and external communication methods.

Acacia Energy

Electric Delivery Company Wants Something Electric – Startup retail electricity company needed to get new customers quickly at a low cost.

Solution: Relying on street teams to sign up new customers, RHI armed the team with iPads loaded with proprietary software to run a live sweepstakes with a chance to win free electricity for a year, an insured cash prize, and other rewards. The program was a huge success and significantly increased their customer base in a short period of time.

Fresno Inc.

A Transformative Entertainment Company Wants to See Some Transformation – To keep their brand top-of-mind with their customers, Freso Inc. wanted merchandise to reinforce their brand position.

Solution: RHI provided Fresno with a wide variety of custom produced products, including custom packaged Shrinky Dinks, Titanium Sporks, custom Laptop Bags, custom printed designer shirts, branded coveralls, and more. To join the old and new, we took the design of a 1950s style bowling bag and created a custom product with laptop sleeve, tablet pocket, optional backpack straps, and custom graphics. RHI then designed it and managed the prototypes, production, and final delivery.


Hockey League Wants to Score a Goal – Minor League hockey sought to lower costs and create new revenue streams to support their players and organization.

RHI created a series of Official NAHL products along with a complete online store, The Locker Room, and then integrated the store into the organization’s website. RHI manages the design, production, warehousing, and distribution of the merchandise as well as the eCommerce platform.

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